Funky New Age Watches

September 14th, 2011 | No Comments

Nooka and Nixon are brands for the younger and eclectic generation, so naturally these watches can get mighty out there! Here, we’ve selected two especially unique watches these companies have created.

Nooka - Zub Zirc GL 20

Nooka’s Zub Zirc GL 20 takes watch luminescence to a whole new level.  We’ve all seen the glow in the dark markers on a watch dial, but on this watch, the entire strap and case glows! Made entirely of polyurethane, Zub Zirc GL 20 reads like an analog watch: the 12 dots represent hours while the horizontal row counts minutes, with a small window counting up the seconds.

Nixon - Newton

Nixon’s Newton combines analog and digital display.  The face is simple, neat, and in the shape of a disc.  Inside the face are two smaller rotating discs as the hour and minute markers.  The watch is constructed primarily out of polycarbonate and is not the type of watch you’d typically see on the wrist of a CEO.  However, it definitely has its place with the upcoming generation of hipsters.

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