From Black to Blue: The Orient CEM65001B and the Orient CEM65002D

June 11th, 2010 | 6 Comments

Whether it’s bruises or cliche song lyrics, black and blue are two colors that have been coupled together countless times. Orient thinks that black and blue have officially run their course as a couple.

It’s time for you to choose a side: the CEM65001B black mako automatic dive watch or the CEM65002D blue mako?

Read on for some info that will help you to make your decision!

  • Shared Features
  • What’s Different

Shared Features

The Orient CEM65001B and the CEM65002D are part of the same series. Therefore, they have most of the same features.

The Black Mako is actually one of Orient’s best sellers. Like all of Orient’s watches, the CEM65001B’s mechanical movement is made in-house. The watch’s bezel is unidirectional and easily rotated, whether the wearer is on land or under water.

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The CEM6500D has the same features as the CEM65001B, including the spectacular illumination of watch hands and the number indexes on the watch face. The illumination makes it easy to tell time in the dark, a feature that any diver would need for their deep sea dives.

Both the CEM65001B and the CEM65002D feature a safety on the clasp to assure that the watch does not come off unintentionally. Both watches are easily unlatched by pressing the two push buttons on either side of the clasp.

There’s nothing hollow or empty about the design of these two watches: both feature a solid stainless steel band. We’ve determined that black and blue aren’t made for each other. But they each seem to fit well with their stainless steel bands.

They also both feature a beautiful crown that you can unscrew with a push button. Those screws may seem like they’re on there pretty tight. Well, that’s because they are. This is a feature that makes the watches more water resistant. The crown also features two points which are used to adjust the date and the time.

A unique feature of both watches is the red second hand, which really stands out and makes it easy to quickly glance down at the time of day.

So if both of these watches are so similar, how can I choose a side?

The color you choose to wear on your wrist says a lot about you as a person. If you’re more of a flashy, outgoing personality, you might opt for the CEM65002D. If you’re more quiet and reserved, the CEM65001B might be the better choice for you.

It really all boils down to your personality. If you prefer black to blue, then you’re probably pretty serious and traditional. You may also be sexy, secretive and sophisticated. If you’d rather choose blue, then you’re most likely confident, stable, intelligent and calm.

The Black and the Blue Mako Orient watches have most of the same features, but their dial colors are what sets them apart. And this will ultimately determine which one you choose.

What’s Different

The Blue Mako Orient CEM65002D has a real shimmer to it. The dial design changes depending on the angle from which you’re viewing and the amount of light that’s hitting it. The blue of the bezel is piercing and is sure to attract attention—the good kind, of course. In comparison to the Black Mako Orient CEM65001B, the Blue Mako is just a little flashier. Its design and color are eye-catching and always changing—perfect for those who like to keep it fresh.

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But it’s not just meant to couple dressy attire; you can pull off this watch with a casual look as well. The design is universal.

But there’s just one problem: blue doesn’t match every outfit. And that’s where the Black Mako comes out on top.

Black is classic, it’s versatile and you can pair it up with any other color that you’re wearing. The Black Mako is better in terms of practicality. Also, like the Blue Mako, you can dress it up or dress it down, depending on the clothes you choose to wear with it.

But black’s not perfect either. Black can be boring. And if you think so, then the Blue Mako is the right watch for you.

Feel confident enough to make your decision now?

The choice is yours: black or blue?

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  2. By Alex on Jun 12, 2010

    black oes with anything

  3. By Corey T. on Jun 12, 2010

    Black for everyday!

  4. By carolynn S. on Jun 15, 2010

    I like the blue one because it’s different!

  5. By Gil on Jun 18, 2010

    Just get both black and blue and be ready for anything…

  6. By behrouz on May 2, 2011

    black forever.

  7. By digitaldifer on Aug 14, 2012

    Its hard choice very hard of course it would be better to buy both.Let me win the blue one and I will buy the black one. :D

6 comments | Tell us what you think!