From an iPod to the Orient CEV09001W: Top 5 Watch Trends

October 4th, 2010 | 2 Comments

A watch does much more than just tell you the time. It’s a fashion accessory, and your timepiece can be a unique way of expressing your personal style.

Like any other wardrobe staple, wristwatch trends come and go. Read on as I count down the top 5 ways to wear a watch right now:

5. Go retro
4. Faceless watches
3. Boyfriend watch
2. Look Ma, no hands!
1. iWatch

#5 Go Retro

How many times have your parents looked at your outfit with a nostalgic sigh and said, “I never thought those would come back in style!” Fashion trends tend to be cyclical, with designers looking to the trends of yesteryear for inspiration.

With watches, it’s all about the ‘80s. And who doesn’t love the ‘80s? Now you can wear a reminder of the decade that brought us Ghostbusters, Dirty Dancing, and Cyndi Lauper on your wrist.

Timex makes a line of fabulously retro digital watches, complete with stretchy stainless steel links. If you really want your watch to make people wish we could call Emmett Brown and travel back to the 80s, check out this retro tetris watch.

Writer’s note: Although these watches are trendy, wearing them does not give you permission to tease your hair, wear legwarmers, or go anywhere near electric blue eyeshadow.

#4. Faceless Watches

Let’s shift gears from the past to a very futuristic style—a watch without a face. This concept epitomizes the minimalistic trend.

How is it even possible to have a watch without a face, you ask?

Watchmakers are thinking of innovative ways to tell you the time in a nontraditional manner. This model, designed by Hironao Tsuboi, just looks like a stainless steel watch band. But, with the push of a button, it displays the time with LED lights that show through the spaces between the links.

Diesel also makes a Black Label “No Face” watch. Instead of showing the time on the stainless steel face, there are 4 tiny timepieces on the sides of the watch, which you can set to different time zones.

#3. Boyfriend Watch

Menswear for women. We’ve seen it with cardigans, t-shirts, jeans, and now watches. Rather than actually stealing their boyfriends’ watches, women are buying men’s watches and wearing them as statement pieces.

The key to pulling this off is to keep the model somewhat simple and classic. The Orient Classic CEV09001W and CEV09001D models are perfect options for trying out this trend. The stainless steel band gives it a masculine look but, with just a 36mm case diameter, it doesn’t look too big on smaller wrists.

This trend looks best when contrasted with more feminine pieces. For everyday wear, try a boyfriend watch with your favorite skinny jeans and a feminine top or a dress.

#2. Look Ma, No Hands!

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We’ve seen that a watch doesn’t need a face. Some brands offer watches that are missing another key feature—the hands.

There are a few ways that watches manage to tell you what time it is without hour, minute, or second hands. On the very minimalistic Projects Iridium watch, the numbers are cut-outs, and the time is displayed when different colors fill the numbers.

The trendy and unique Mr. Jones “Cyclops” watch doesn’t use numbers or hands. Colored dots on the outside of the face represent the hours, and a floating black circle that moves from hour to hour indicates what time it is.

#1. iWatch

So, Apple didn’t actually make a watch. But the newest iPod Nano could function as one. It is small enough in size, has a clock feature, and you can even get a wriststrap for it.

When Steve Jobs suggested the new Nano’s ability to function as a wristwatch at a recent Apple event, Twitter and other social media sites exploded with comments about it. Some people love the idea, while others think that wearing an iPod as a watch is taking things a little too far. Either way, everyone is talking about it

Whether you love or hate these 5 trends, one thing is for sure: They’ll all get you noticed.

Do you think a watch without a face is innovative or useless? Ladies, would you consider wearing a men’s watch? Leave your comments below.

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  2. By David on Oct 5, 2010

    The Boyfriend Watch is a superb idea, and today’s (10/05) DOD is a great candidate (perhaps with a more tapered band substituted). I would’ve for my gf, but she wanted smaller, and even more minimalist … and opted for a Danish Design titanium model. I think my CEV09001B looks better (and keeps time just as well +/-3 secs per day!).

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