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April 25th, 2012 | 3 Comments

Raise your hand if you want to be comfortable. I hope that wrist has a watch on it…

Sure we all enjoy some comfort in our wrist wear, but how do you find that perfect watch?

When looking for a car, you usually don’t start by selecting the seat fabric. You have a particular model in your mind, and you work from that.

Same holds true for watches.


The Menu

Finding a watch can be a meticulous process in and of itself, but it’s usually complicated by the small details. What is the easiest way to find what you’re looking for?

Orient can help.

These are a few watches from Orient that give off an unusual energy:

    • Racing Automatic CFT00004B (mechanical)


    • Pocket Watch CDD00001W (mechanical)


    • Light Powered CVDAE001B (quartz)


  • Lady Rose CRPDD007W (quartz)

This run-through is intended to highlight a few Orient concepts. Hopefully, this will help to narrow your watch search and introduce you to the type of watch that best showcases your personal style.


Racing Automatic CFT00004B

I’m partial to this one. In an earlier post, Greg mentioned the great slide rule that this watch features. It also showcases the Orient in-house 46R40 movement through seven exhibition areas on the watch.

The CFT00004B finds a unique balance between a busy dial and a classy eye-pleasing piece.

The aforementioned slide rule in addition to the long sweeping second hand is hard to convey through words so I’ve included this great review for you to watch:

A great review for a great watch.


Pocket Watch CDD00001W

This is no antique watch. This is the comeback of the pocket watch. The style is back and classier than ever but keeps the historical pizazz.

This is great for those that:

    • Aren’t able to wear a wristwatch for whatever reason (e.g. job not conducive, etc.).


  • Want to expand their automatic watch collection to include what can be a unique heirloom.

It seems to provoke everyone to comment when posted as the Deal of the Day, and with good reason. The guys over at Watch Report did a great job taking a closer look. This watch has a lot to offer.


Quartz Movement

The last two concepts are quartz movements, rather than automatic. Orient is well known for their automatic watches, but this is no reason to overlook their ability to construct magnificent quartz movements as well. frequenter Frank in Miami hit the nail on the head while commenting on a recent blog post:

“I think the disdain expressed by some self proclaimed “watch enthusiasts” regarding quartz is both irrational and unhealthy. I have seen impressive and complicated quartz movements that can leave the most recalcitrant mechanical watch aficionado spinning out of control… So if you have an open mind and heart you will get much enjoyment from both your mechanical and quartz timepieces.”


Light Powered CVDAE001B

Solar powered. Correction…light powered. This stylish watch can be charged by various kinds of light sources in addition to the sun. The battery is charged from the solar cell located under the dial. Get this – it works for 4,000 hrs. (i.e. six months) after every six hours of charging time.

I chose to highlight this watch specifically because of the meshing of brown leather, a gold case and black/gray dial. It isn’t too often that this color combination is used, but this watch is able to blend all of the elements together without making it look tacky.


Lady Rose CRPDD007W

Ladies Watches = Tough.

Buying watches for women is no easy task (unless you are a woman of course). Common problems seem to be centered around:

    • Tacky vs. Practical Quality


This watch prevails in all aspects. The quartz movement allows it to be small enough that its wearer isn’t being worn by the watch. It complements her, instead of overbearing her.

Priced at $125 at Orient USA, this qualifies as a casually elegant wristwatch. It’s a practical piece that has a hint of both sportiness and fine jewelry.

Use your peripheral…and use this post as a catalyst.

Scout out the watch that fits your style and personality – it’s worth it.

It’s alright to leave your comfort zone and explore different types/styles of watches. Widen your focus, and in doing so, gain an appreciation for unique timepieces all over again.

What’s Your Favorite ‘Overlooked’ Watch? Comment Below.



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  2. By Jean F on Dec 27, 2009

    I love the many fanciful styles of Swatch watches, particularly those designed by the late Keith Haring.

  3. By Daniel R. Fecht on Dec 29, 2009

    I have two Orient automatic watches and am very pleased with both.


  4. By Frederick Baal on Dec 29, 2009

    love the pocket watch

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