Double Trouble: The Orient CTD0B001B Chronograph

May 25th, 2011 Posted in Orient Watch Reviews | 1 Comment

Searching for a watch that will not only measure time, but stop and start it as well? Check out the Orient CTD0B001B. This sport watch has all of the features and durability needed to measure the races of your life.

See the two sides of the CTD0B001B chronograph:


While many watches are considered chronographs because they offer several ways to measure time, few have the features of the CTD0B001B. On the face of this watch lies a thin second hand that allows you to measure time in two ways, one of which is the stopwatch.

The stopwatch feature of the CTD0B001B allows the wearer to measure time with one button. To start the stopwatch, click the small button located above the crown. Run your race and stop the hand from moving by clicking the button again. It’s that easy.

Say you had to stop at a crosswalk and didn’t want that minute to count towards your time. That’s no problem for the CTD0B001B. To pause time, simply click the same button above the crown, and resume it by clicking again.

Reset your measuring hands by clicking the button below the crown. Say goodbye to your old stopwatch and hello to the stylish CTD0B001B.

Split Time

Still not convinced that the CTD0B001B can measure important timespans in your life? Check out the second side of the chronograph feature: split time measurement.

Use split time to measure several different times, such as racers crossing the finish line. For example, say you would like to record the race times of runners A and B. Using split time, hand movement is paused as runner A finishes to give you time to record their race. Hand movement is resumed after you are finished recording, but split time resumes time as if it never stopped. Pretty useful.

Here’s how it works on the CTD0B001B:

  • Start Time by clicking the button above the crown, as is done when using the stopwatch. This will start the small hand’s movement.
  • Pause Time with the button below the crown, previously used as the reset button in the stopwatch. Record your first racer’s time.
  • Resume Time by hitting the button below the crown again. Time will progress as if it never paused.

You can repeat these steps for however many race times you would like to record. Check out the Orient CTD0B001B and start recording the times of your life.

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  2. By Kirsten D on Jul 8, 2011

    Gorgeous watch, doesn’t look like it is available. However if it is I would be honored to own one.

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