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June 15th, 2010 | No Comments

If you’re reading this, then you probably own a diver watch. And you probably already know just about everything about diver watches.

But did you know that about 80 percent of mechanical dive watch owners don’t even dive?

Well, actually that statistic was made up, as many statistics are. But really, a large number of mechanical dive watch owners have never gone scuba diving, snorkeling or even swimming with their watches on their wrists.

So the question remains, why buy a diver watch if you’re not going diving?

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This question could be applied to just about any form of a niche interest. For instance, why do I love Hello Kitty? Why am I compelled to make her face my laptop background? Why have I bought half of the Hello Kitty section in Target? I don’t need Hello Kitty socks. I just like them.

So before we go pointing fingers and calling people out on their individual interests, let’s put it into perspective.

Non-diving diver watch owners say they like dive watches for 3 reasons:

  1. Their timing function.
  2. They’re great for everyday use because of their practical features.
  3. They just like the way they look!

Keeping Time

The power reserve function on diver watches is made for divers to time their dives accurately.

Unidirectional bezels assure that a diver won’t accidentally bump the bezel while under water and lose track of their dive time.

But we’ve established that many diver watch owners aren’t actually scuba divers. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t take advantage of their dive watches’ features.

One watch owner said that his diver is great for timing the parking meter, his dinner that’s cooking on the grill and his work outs. This watch owner doesn’t spend any of his time under water, but he still finds his diver watch a useful and necessary item in his every day life.

Everyday Wear

Diver watch lovers say they wear their divers every day. Their practicality is what makes them so great in the eyes of their owners.

Watch enthusiasts say they love that they can wear their divers all day, every day, in any weather conditions and during just about any activity that they perform throughout their days. They can go swimming, wash a car, or do the dishes all while wearing their dive watch and not have to think twice about whether it’s a safe choice.

Dive watches, like the new Mako diver watch (CEM75001B) from Orient, are durable. The simple black face and silver bracelet make this watch elegant and versatile. You can wear it with just about any outfit. And, more importantly, during just about any activity.

You Are What You Wear

Sometimes you just like the way something looks, and there’s really no explanation for why you do. Many diver watch owners collect different styles and types of dive watches. If this seems strange to you, then think about the things that you collect: stamps, shoes, shot glasses, garden gnomes.

Our individual interests aren’t always practical, and other people don’t always understand them. But that doesn’t stop us from collecting those weird things that we love.

You know what they say: live and let live. I’ll keep wearing my Hello Kitty t-shirts, and you should all continue wearing your diver watches proudly, whether you’re on land or in the sea!

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