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Need to keep time while exploring the possibilities of the deep blue? Mechanical diver watches are a necessity for diving professionals and hobbyists, from the professional diver who is all too familiar with getting his feet wet, to the weekend scuba diver exploring just below the water’s edge. A mechanical diver watch allows them to be on schedule and on time. Mechanical diver watches are known for their style, quality and unique features that allow them to be submerged under water.

Love the outcome of your decision—make the choice to live in luxury and love a mechanical diver watch that will have you diving deep into possibilities.

Want to learn the ins and outs of a mechanical diver watch?

Read on to discover:

Why a Mechanical Diver Watch? Advantages and Art

Mechanical watches are different from quartz watches, because they work by the winding of the mechanical spring.This human-like quality allows the watch to run off of the energy produced by the spring. Unlike quartz watches, mechanical watches are not about accomplishing the ultimate accuracy. Instead, the allure of mechanical watches is in the craftsmanship, aesthetics, and mechanical watch making tradition. Quartz watches, as opposed to their mechanical counterparts, need not be finely finished with precise assembly, because the wheel train of quartz watches are not under continual stress from a wound mainspring.

Mechanical watches keep to their name as all components of the watch are mechanical. There are many components that comprise a mechanical watch; in fact, there can be as many as 130 pieces. All of these components are important to the functioning of the time-piece.

The craftsmanship and unique beauty have made these watches a work of art.

Mechanical watches are a great way to “Go Green”. Since they run off of the energy of the mechanical spring, there is no need for a battery. Also, they are made from natural materials that return to the earth at the end of the watch’s life.


Orient Makes the Cut: Benefits of a Mechanical Diver Watch

Orient allows you to lavish in luxury at a price that a recession can be proud of; they are able to contour their watches to the specific needs of their clients. The specifications make these watches far beyond the expectations of their competitors.

Orient mechanical diver watches are amazing, not only because they can withstand the pressure of the ocean, but because they are powered by a spring and are wound by the watch owner’s arm. The watch then stores the energy to keep the timepiece working. These watches have qualities that can be compared to those of a human. The winding of the mechanical spring is the heart of the piece, and consequently, has stolen the hearts of watch enthusiasts.

The watches also vary in depth—ranging from water resistant to deep-ocean saturation diving like the Orient 30o meter diver. The mechanics of the watches are carefully thought out, so a diver can choose the watch that best suits him. The principal function of a diver watch is to act as the diver’s timer for determining how long it takes to get from one depth level to another. This is helpful in working with pressure and decompression.

Saturation divers are made to withstand high water pressure and are used for deep diving missions, e.g. deep sea drilling and exploration. These watches are different from other diver watches, because of the decompression and compression processes needed for saturation diving. These watches are very unique, not only because they can withstand the pressure of the ocean, but because they use micro mechanics to deliver precision timing.

Typically, a helium escape valve is used to release pressure during resurfacing, and if this is neglected, the crystal will crack. Some special saturation diver watches don’t require a helium escape value (e.g. Orient’s CFDOC001B) because they were simply overbuilt and the case was designed to manage that type of pressure.


Divers will also revel in the fact that the diver watches were created to be easily handled even with fingers that have been masked by a glove. The large faces and rotating bezel complement the ease and style of these watches. These mechanical diver’s watches are also easily handled if they are away from the wrist. The bracelet incorporates a diver’s extension which allows the bracelet to readily extend so it will fit over a wet suit.

The careful thinking and creation of these diver watches will allow the consumer to choose wisely and be happy with their stylish, affordable, and completely functional choice. Automatic mechanical diver watches by Orient Watch USA swim past the competition. Stylish and durable will come to mind with first glance of these mechanical diver watches. The Orient 300 meter is available in Black or Orange and is sure to appeal to any diver’s eye.

The reviews are in, and the Orient mechanical diver watches are a splash.

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