Deal of the Day: Daily Orient Watch Sale is Back!

June 1st, 2010 Posted in Previous DOD's | 18 Comments

Orient Deal of the Day (DOD) is back!

Starting Monday, June 7, Orient Watch will host a different sale every day.

Want to get 30% off your favorite Orient watch?

Be sure to look at previous DOD’s to get a taste for what to expect.


And check back here for the new DOD’s, or better yet, join our mailing list to receive updates on the latest Orient Watch sale.

Which watches would you like to get a deal on?

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  2. By chris on Jun 1, 2010

    Awesome! Hope to find one I want

  3. By Max Palmer on Jun 2, 2010

    Hmm Orient is definetly gonna be my next purchase. Really like some of these!

  4. By Kim Hanson on Jun 2, 2010

    My husband and I just love your watches. We are very excited to see that DOD is Back.

  5. By Mike Bernier on Jun 3, 2010

    These are great watches — I hope to pick one or two up when the DOD starts up again!

  6. By Jimy on Jun 4, 2010

    This are the coolest watches in world!!:)..

  7. By G on Jun 5, 2010

    I’d love to get my dad something like this for father’s day!

  8. By Hrab Traian on Jun 5, 2010

    I have a Orient Mako EM65004B for just 7 days. I like it very much.
    I am interested of technical details of this watch. I am on the best way to become a mechanical Orient watches lover.
    The first 4 days the Mako goes +8-10 s/24 hours. Then, suddenly it runs +15 s/24 h. Is it normal?
    I experienced that Mako is a very loved watch. But I think I am the only one with a Mako in the city. And it isn’t an other one in the shops. Wrong marketing?
    I have a rubber band and I like to have a metal bracelet for exchange.
    And I think to begin a business with Orient and Seiko watches.

  9. By Corey T. on Jun 5, 2010

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a Black Mako in the near future!

  10. By vikas on Jun 6, 2010

    I heard a lot about Orient watch but never got a chance to wear it on my wrist.Hope I would get luck soon :)

  11. By E on Jun 10, 2010

    Looking to order a watch soon…

  12. By Fares alnsair on Aug 14, 2010

    Ilove the simlisity of orient watches wit affordable prces

  13. By Tatiana on Sep 22, 2010

    Had ORIENT wrist watch for 11 years. Never took it off, even in a shower or waves.
    Never required to worry about battery replacement, were solar operated, had a sofisticated look, had soft flexible silver color bracelet and greenish face.
    GREAT PRODUCT!!!! trying to find something similar to what I had.

  14. By Irison on Oct 25, 2010

    I had an automatic watch approx. 30 yrs ago…. I really like the designs and appeal of the dress watches. Very nice indeed…

  15. By Max on Mar 17, 2011

    Hopefully I will see the blue Mako I want on this! I bought my first Auto not long ago (citizen NY0040) and now I can’t think of having anything with a battery anymore!

  16. By Prakritij H on Jun 8, 2011

    when I was just looking for a watch to buy, I found people saying the best in business is the Swiss. but when I stumbled upon Orient watches I found they are on par and compete with the best. and comes at affordable prices too.
    this shows how good they are at making watches.

  17. By George S on Jul 11, 2011

    I am perhaps too picky with my watch selection, and thus found myself unhappy with other watch company offerings, for styling and/or value. At first glance I was smitten with the styling of the Yellow Mako, and the pricing sealed the deal.
    The quality and value of these watches are an irrestible lure and I may just end up purchasing watches for different occasions, such as the Galant which I find most applealing.

  18. By John ShickBosjohn on Aug 16, 2012

    I now own eight Orient watches. Four are new and four are vintage. I am unable to tell any difference in the quality from the vintage to the new which is high praise indeed. My new Orients are black mako, slide rule chronometer, a power reserve, and the new classic dress in stainless and black which I am awaiting delivery.
    I was in a high end watch store in San Francisco with my black mako. I have determined for myself that with my eyes closed I believe the finish on the mako felt smoother with no sharp edges or angles.
    Of my vintage Orients I have a university commerative two stir zone quartz, a lovely oval dress quartz, the huge and hugely fun day date year automatic and a crystal with a a rotating inner bezel which Orient seems especially fond. Love my Orients

  19. By suhas on Oct 13, 2012

    i was looking for a watch

18 comments | Tell us what you think!