Customization Techniques for the CET06001B and Other Models

November 29th, 2010 | No Comments

Out of your entire watch collection, your Orient CET06001B gets the most wrist time, and why shouldn’t it? Its stainless steel band gives it a classy appearance, perfect for the office, but it also maintains a modern, urban feel that allows you to wear it as a more casual timepiece.

However, wearing the same watch every day can get a little monotonous, no matter how amazing the model is.

Maybe you’ve just gotten a new Orient Mako CEM65001M. The Mako is an extremely popular diver watch from Orient, and you have a few friends that don the same timepiece on a regular basis. You want yours to stand out from the rest.

Whether you have an old model that needs a change, or a new model that you want to modify, like the CET06001B, there are some easy customization tips that will help you make your watch more you:

  • Engrave it
  • Change the Band
  • Relume

Engrave It

Difficulty: Easy

There’s no better way to personalize a watch than to have it make a statement, literally. Engraving something on the caseback of a watch isn’t just a great idea when you’re giving a watch as a gift. You can do it with your own watch as well.

For some daily inspiration on-the-go, have your favorite quote engraved on your watch so it’s with you wherever you go.

Although you can engrave stainless steel yourself with the right tools, we recommend spending the extra money to take it to an expert, especially if it’s a longer phrase.

Change the Band

Difficulty: Easy

Simply changing your watch’s band can dramatically transform the overall appearance of the timepiece.

The Orient CEM65001M is a perfect example. With a stainless steel band, this diver watch has some versatility and can be worn as a dress watch as well. But swap out the stainless steel band for a urethane band, and it gives the watch a sporty look, perfect for more casual occasions.

A leather watch band, on the other hand, is a design feature typical of classic models. You can give a more contemporary design a unique traditional look by giving it a genuine leather band.

The best part about this customization technique is that it’s easy if you have just a few simple tools, and you can do it as many times as you need to in order to give the same watch different looks.


Difficulty: Intermediate

One key feature in many timepieces is its lume, which allows for easy readability in low light. This feature is common in diver watches, but can be found in any style of watch.

The lume of a watch can fade with time, and it may be necessary to take it to an expert or to relume the watch yourself. However, reluming is also a great way to customize a watch.

You can have your watch relumed to different colors, like blue or red, or you can even achieve a unique vintage relume effect. Taking your watch to an expert to relume will ensure an even application of the lume, but as with engraving, it’s possible to do yourself if you want to save some money.

Your Orient CET06001B, or any model that you wear, should be a personal expression of your own style, and customizing your timepiece is a fun way to make it more you. There are countless ways to modify your timepiece according to your personal style.

How do you customize your watch?

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