Classics Never Go Out of Style: The Orient Bambino FER24003W0

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The Bambino is simply the iconic watch in Orient’s lineup of classic timepieces with a design inspired from Orient’s extensive heritage of traditional watches from the midcentury. This package is wrapped up in a modern watch with up-to-date features and functionality.

But in a world where watches are often seen as a relic of the past, what does it mean to have a vintage inspired design? Where does this come from? With this Bambino it comes from a number of design decisions. The two largest contributors are the dial and crystal. The Bambino has been outfitted with an abundantly domed crystal, a trademark of mid century dress watches. This style of crystal give the watch a flowing sophisticated look, whereas a sports watches for instance often feature sharper edges. Another trademark of classically inspired timepieces is the domed satin sunburst dial. This adds another level of refined looks with its graceful lines. When looking at the watch from side angles, the dial has a lovely distortion along the bezel that gives the watch a great three dimensionality to it, this watch does not feel flat.

The FER24003W0 Bambino has a yellow gold tone stainless steel case, hands and indices, which further emphasises the vintage quality of the watch. The popularity of gold watches have waned in recent years, so the choice to case the Bambino in yellow gold tone brings out a feeling of days gone past. And when matched to the dark brown leather band with light brown stitching, the yellow gold really pops.

For how much this is a watch with its hand in the past, this is a modern timepiece. Powering this watch is the ORIENT in house caliber 48743 automatic movement enable the date complication, over 40 hour power reserve, both of these are rarely seen on vintage dress watches; along with the 30m depth rating. The case has an updated size of 40.5mm in diameter, which is larger than the 34-39mm case sizes of yesteryear, but not in the behemoth sizes of many of today’s watches. This  keeps the watch in a tasteful dress size, ideal for wearing with a suit. Another lovely modern touch is the brushed finish on the sides of the case, this adds a great visual texture and a great pairing to the polished beveled bezel and top of the lugs. On the wrist, this mixture of finishes plays wonderfully with light and reflections.

The Bambino is an ode to mid century when wearing a watch wasn’t an option but a necessity and when quality took priority over quantity. This is not a fashion watch, it is a classic watch, because classic never goes out of style or favor, the Bambino is just as cool today as it would have been in 1950, or 1960 or as it will be in 2050 or 2060.

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