Bezel Movements Made Easy, From Stationary CDB02001B to Uni-Directional

November 3rd, 2010 | 1 Comment

A key feature of any watch is its bezel. A bezel is the ring that encompasses the watch’s crystal. Often, it’s what holds the crystal in place.

No two bezels are alike. In dress watches or busy watches, like the CDB02001B, they can be purely decorative features, often encrusted with diamonds in more expensive models. In some sport watches, the bezel may contain a tachymeter, which helps you calculate the speed of an object. In other models, the bezel may rotate to perform other functions, like mathematical calculations. If you’re a diver, the bezel is an important safety feature.

Here’s a breakdown of the following different bezel functions and what exactly they do:

  • Stationary Bezel
  • Bi-directional Bezel
  • Uni-directional Bezel

Stationary Bezel

The name says it all. A stationary bezel does not move. In watches that have a busy face, like the Orient CDB02001B and the Orient CDB02001W, the bezels are kept simple. These models have a semi-skeleton face and other unique features on the face, so the bezels are simple stainless steel features.

Stationary bezels are often used for decorative purposes. Luxury watches sometimes have jewel-encrusted bezels or bezels that contain a logo. Some watches even have interchangeable bezels so you can match your bezel to your outfit.

Bi-directional Bezel

This bezel moves either clockwise or counterclockwise. The most common function of this kind of bezel is to measure speed. This is also called a tachymeter. It can be used to track the speed of a racecar, for example.

A bi-directional bezel may also have a slide rule function, which allows the wearer to perform simple mathematical functions. These functions vary depending on the watch.

Uni-directional Bezel

Uni-directional bezels are a very important feature of diver watches and are used to measure elapsed time. For example, a diver with an hour left in the air tank should set the bezel to one hour before submerging. That way, a quick glance at the watch will let a diver know how much air is left in the tank.

They only move counterclockwise for safety reasons. It’s impossible to accidentally knock it out of place and create a false reading, since they’re designed to lock into place.

Whether your bezel is stationary like the CDB02001B, bi-directional, or uni-directional, it’s important that you take care of it. Bezels should be cleaned every 2 weeks. A liquid dish soap and soft toothbrush will do the trick, unless the bezel has gemstones. Be careful not to use too much water if the watch is not water resistant.

What’s your favorite bezel?

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