Back in Business: The Orient Surveyor

July 10th, 2014 | 1 Comment

surveyor 1892 small

The Surveyor is a deceivingly straightforward watch. A 3 hander with date, nothing significant, until you take a step closer to investigate. The detailing on the Surveyor is top notch, which begins with the dial and moves to the case and finishes with the band (or bracelet depending on model).

From afar the Surveyor appears to have a solid colored dial, (it’s offered in black, blue, white and red) but when looked at closely you can see the polished checkered pattern that has been applied to the dial. This pattern grabs light and reflects it quite nicely as the dial turns; giving depth and visual interest to the watch.  It’s a pattern not often seen in watchmaking; making the Surveyor all the more attention grabbing. This pattern gives the Surveyor a classic sports watch influence and styling, keeping it nice and casual. Sitting atop the dial are fencepost styled hands and applied bar indices which have been lumed. The angular hands and indices compliment the checkered dial, that when lined up creates straight lines which are visually very satisfying, especially if you are one that seeks out order in the world.

Measuring at 42mm and 11.2mm thick, this timepiece has an up to date size, combined with the 24mm lug width, the watch has a definite presence on the wrist.  The wide lug width is noticeable and creates a very secured look on the wrist. Though the use of a polished tapered bezel makes sure that the watch doesn’t feel too over the top in the size department. Along with the bezel, the sides of the case and lugs have a high polish to them, whereas the top of the lugs have a brushed finish. What makes this interesting is how it corresponds with the stainless steel bracelet. The top of the 3 link bracelet has a brushed finish, which blends into the top of the brushed lugs, this creates a seamless flow from case to bracelet. On top of this, the sides of the bracelet have been polished, matching the polished sides of the case. Both these touches exemplify how much thought and effort was put into the Surveyor, this doesn’t happen by accident. The blue dial variation of the Surveyor has been housed in a black IP coated stainless steel case with a matte black leather band with a matching black IP coated buckle. The leather band is quite supple and has a broken in feeling right out of the box. A wonderful detail are the holes cut for the buckle, which are slots instead of the typical round holes, a lovely reference to the angular lines of the dial and hands.

Specifications for the Surveyor
ORIENT Caliber 48743 Automatic Mov’t
Stainless Steel  with Sapphire Crystal
Date Window
Water resistant to 50m
Diameter: 42mm without crown
Thickness: 11.2mm
MSRP: $270 for the Black IP Coated Case $285 on Stainless Steel Bracelet at

 surveyor 1881 small

surveyor 1875 small

surveyor 1886 small

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  2. By Mike Dalton on Jul 12, 2014

    Really loving the look of these Surveyor’s! Has to be my next watch!

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