A Slice of History: CTD09004B

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What says “classic watch” better than leather, gold, and a round dial? Only the Orient CTD09004B. For those with vintage tastes who appreciate traditional watch functions, the CTD09004B is perfect.

Here’s how the Orient CTD09004B tops the list for classiest chronograph:


Some of the first wristwatches ever created boasted round dials and leather bands. This created a precedent for the round-faced design that still surfaces in watches recognized as “classically designed” today.

As the ultimate classy chronograph, the CTD09004B doesn’t miss a thing. Not only does this watch have a picturesque round face, but it also has pleasing gold accents that channel historical watch designs.

Not into the historical side of this watch? Don’t worry, it has a touch of modern flair that can please everyone. With a black dial mixed with gold accents, this watch has some of today’s fashionable color combinations.


Before the calculator or computer was created, the watch was everything. The watch wasn’t merely a fashionable way to keep time–it made difficult tasks easier for wearers to accomplish. Channeling the beginnings of the watch, the CTD09004B boasts many classic functions.

Historically, financiers were forced to do hours of difficult mathematics by hand. Watches changed that. With the slide rule function, difficult calculations, like division, multiplication, and logarithmic functions, were found with the movement of the bezel. The slide rule function of the CTD09004B acts as an analog calculator to help anyone who needs to perform difficult mathematics quickly.

Of course, the classiest chronograph can also record times. With the touch of the button above the CTD09004B’s crown, time starts. By touching below, time is stopped or paused, depending if the watch is being used for split time or as a regular stopwatch.

The first-ever watch wearers would be sure to envy this timepiece. Add the CTD09004B to your collection today.

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