A Modern Day Vintage Watch – FER2400CN0 Bambino

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Wildly popular the moment it was released, the FER2400CN0 “new” Bambino almost immediately sold out. The CN took the already stellar platform of the Bambino and injected another level of vintage flavor to it. It’s easy to simply stay a “vintage inspired” timepiece, but what exactly from the CN make this true?

First off the CN uses the same case, crystal and dial (though the style has been redesigned)  from the original Bambino. The domed crystal and dial are very indicative of mid century styling, designed to give the watch graceful flowing lines. The stainless steel case is also the same and features both polished and brushed finishes, which gives the watch a modern feel and look. True mid century pieces are typically all polished for a very dressy look. The choice of adding brushed sides to the Bambino modernizes the watch in a very tasteful way and draws the eye to the face of the timepiece. These elements alone would make for a vintage looking piece, but with Orient’s new design choices, the Bambino is firmly a vintage inspired timepiece.

What’s new. Many things. Possible the first thing to notice is the cream dial color, an interesting choice and a dial shade that appeared frequently in the past and popularity has waned these past few decades, which doesn’t mean its not cool. But a clear indicator of the vintage feel. As a dress watch, the cream is a bold choice, as it gives the watch a touch of a casual feel for a dressy-casual watch. From there the hands are the next change to stand out. The wide dauphine hands have been switched out for much slimmer blue dauphine hands. The petite size of the hands give the watch a visually delicate disposition, a fitting mood for a mid century piece. In low light they appear almost black, but when hit with light, they shine a bright brilliant blue. At the tips of the hands are the Roman numeral and bar markers, which have replaced the tapered indices. Roman numerals are typically an indicator of classic dress style which is emblematic of sophistication. Surrounding the Roman numerals is a railroad style minute track, another vintage styling cue. The railroad track does well to visually stimulate your eye and draw it around the dial to each detail of the face. Moving from the dial, the crown is the final new addition. The onion style creates a great ease of operation for setting the watch and once again adds another detail of mid century flair.

Same as the previous generation, the Bambino remains on leather. A brown leather band has been paired with the CN and perfectly compliments the yellows, reds, and browns in the cream dial. Remaining at 40.5mm in diameter, the Bambino is firming a modern piece, though the heart of the watch is vintage.

Specifications for the Bambino
ORIENT Caliber 48743 Automatic Mov’t
Stainless Steel  Case
Date Window
Water resistant to 30m
Diameter: 40.5mm without crown
Thickness: 11.8mm
MSRP: $260 at OrientWatchUSA.com

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