A 2ER00003B at the Office: The Dressy Diver Trend

December 14th, 2010 | 1 Comment

Diver watches, like the Orient 2ER00003B, have become increasingly popular among watch lovers in the past few years for their unique style and functionality, making them a common choice for occasions other than diving. It also makes them a common topic for disagreement about where it’s appropriate to wear a diver.

You won’t just see a diver watch in the ocean. You’ll see them at the bar. You’ll see them at the mall. You’ll see them at the office. You’ll see them at a wedding.

Diver watches have an undeniably sporty look, but the “dressy diver” trend has been on the rise, with people opting to replace their classic dress watches with a diver watch for more formal settings, like the office or a fancy dinner.

Some people love the trend, arguing that a nice diver watch is a great complement to a suit and tie. Others think that divers should be kept as a more casual watch. Some are in between and think that a diver can be worn as a dress watch in certain situations, but not others.

We’re not going to tell you what we think. We will, however, tell you what others think and let you decide for yourself. Here are the popular opinions about this trend:

  • Pro “Dressy Diver”
  • There is no such thing.
  • It depends.

Pro “Dressy Diver”
While no one can deny that divers are sporty looking, some people, like Rob Wagner, will argue that they also have a dressier appeal and look great with a suit and tie. This opinion is the reason that the trend exists.

The 2ER00003B, for example, has design features that are characteristic of dress watches, from the two-tone stainless steel band to the elegant gold accents on the dial. Wearing this model at a formal occasion is not only appropriate, according to the supporters of this trend, but it’s just as classy and refined as a traditional dress watch.

There is no such thing
Others will say that a “dressy diver” doesn’t exist. A diver watch and a dress watch are two separate things.

“’Dressy diver’ might be the silliest term used on watch forums,” writes one user on the popular WatchUSeek forum. “There is no such thing. A dive watch might be a little less stern & purposeful looking (think Chopard Pro 1) but it can never be used in a situation where a dress watch is required.”

It depends
The majority of people seem to fall under this category of opinions. The dressy diver trend can work, they say, but under certain circumstances. Those circumstances depend on two major factors: the occasion and the watch model.

The Occasion
Formal occasions is a broad category. A wedding, job interview, and the office are all more formal occasions, but you probably wouldn’t wear the tux you got married in to a job interview. Likewise, some people think that a diver watch like the Orient 2ER00003B is appropriate in some more formal settings, but not others.

Another WatchUSeek member thinks that it’s okay to wear a diver to work or to a meeting with a client, but something dressier should be worn to a job interview.

The Watch Model
Not all divers are alike. Even some supporters of the dressy diver trend say that not every model can be worn in place of a dress watch. Diver watches like the Orient Mako CEM65004M, with an orange dial and a urethane band, should be worn as a casual watch and not to the office, some would say.

So what do you think? Would you wear the 2ER00003B to the office? To a job interview? Do you think that divers and dress watches should be kept separate? We’d love to hear your comments.

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  2. By Ph Red on Jan 7, 2011

    ….I absolutely believe that the right diver can be the right accessory to the right occasion. I believe all watch styles can be interchangeable provided that the wearer knows how to correctly compliment his/her wardrobe. The 2ER00003B, in particular, is a fantastic choice to represent a “dressy diver”(for lack of a better term).

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