5 Key Features of a Diver Watch

October 26th, 2012 | 8 Comments

Ever wonder why diver watches are so popular? Is it just because they look really cool? Or that they’re super durable? Perhaps because they’re full of functional features?

It’s a little bit of all those things, but today let’s take a closer look at the 5 key features that make a diver watch a diver watch.

1. Water Resistance

This is easily the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to diver watches. After all, if a watch isn’t water resistant, it can’t possibly be a diver watch. In fact, according to the ISO 6425 diver watch standards, to qualify as a diver, a watch must be water resistant to a minimum of 100m.

Of course the best diver watches will be water resistant to 200m, 300m, or more. To achieve ISO 6425 standards, a watch must undergo several tests relating to water resistance, including condensation resistance, general reliability underwater, thermal shock resistance, and pressure resistance.

Want to learn more about ISO 6425 water resistance standards? Check out this diver watch overview (link to What is ISO article when published).

2. Luminosity

It’s essential for a diver watch to have lots of luminous features. The very best diver watches will have luminous indices, luminous minute and hour hands, and a luminous tail or tip on the running second hand.

According to ISO 6425 standards, to qualify a watch must be completely readable at 25 cm in complete darkness. This means that luminous indices and hands are essential, and must be bold enough to be viewed from somewhat of a distance.

Additionally, ISO 6425 requires that a diver watch must also contain some sort of indication that it’s running. This is typically determined by way of the luminous tail on the running second hand.

3. Screwed-Down Crown

The screwed-down crown feature is important on a diver watch because it further protects the watch against water intrusion and condensation.

This feature is also essential against water pressure and external forces. Being screwed-down protects the crown from being easily pulled out/off or bent. ISO 6425 requires a specific test to determine the pressure resistance of the crown and/or other buttons, so the best divers will contain a screwed-down crown.

4. Unidirectional Bezel

A unidirectional bezel is an essential piece of a diver watch because it prevents the watch from being inadvertently rotated or manipulated by an external force. This feature is also called a time pre-selecting device, and is a requirement for ISO 6425 standardization.

5. Solid Bracelet

Having a solid watch bracelet is important for many reasons. It doesn’t break. It doesn’t fall off. It stays reliable and secure. A solid bracelet is essential on a diver watch for the same reasons. ISO 6425 standards test for solid bracelets by applying intense external forces to the bracelet.

The best divers will have bracelets that can withstand pressure and force. Such watches often contain safety clasps for added security.

If you think that finding an affordable diver with these 5 key features is next to impossible, check out the Orient Ray diver watch. Ray offers a super sleek watch that has all the essential features of a diver at a great price!

What’s your favorite thing about diver watches? Leave us a comment below!

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  2. By ted hoof on Oct 26, 2012

    I like the rubber straps instead of a bracelet.

  3. By Roger on Oct 26, 2012

    Good to know

  4. By Kevin on Oct 26, 2012

    I like the ruggedness and waterproof resistance of diver watches. My Mako takes a nice beating and would still function after many days of heavy water contact.

  5. By Hilary on Oct 28, 2012

    These watches look quite durable and the functionality of them blows my mind. This is exactly what I want in a watch.

  6. By Vincent Cramer on Oct 28, 2012

    I am not the kind of man that can sit down for longer then an hour.
    Sailing, Diving and survival trips.
    These things need a solid watch, I have ruined many watches on my trips.
    I am curious if this one would stand the adventure?

  7. By REimar on Oct 29, 2012

    I must say im really impressed with my Orient black Ray. It looks so good, it so accurate and has a nice heavy feel to it. For some reason I didnt screw the day crown down and went diving. When I got out and saw the crown unscrewed I got scared. But nothing happened, no water damage, nothing! Very very impressed by this little watch, especially when its a fraction of the price other watch cost.

  8. By samuel Tang on Nov 26, 2012

    I have a Pepsi Mako for 3 years, it is a wonderful watch without a glitch. In terms of cost and durability, nothing beats it. My other watch, a Ulysee Nardin and Girard Perregaux needs constant servicing to keep in tip-top condition. On top of that the servicing for the swiss watch is more than the cost of an Orient!

    The Mako gives me so much confidence that it will survive any situation that I dont think about it. I can go swimming, do a BBQ, mountain biking, go for a function without having to spare a thought about the appropriateness of the Mako!

    Great deal Orient

  9. By Mark Cutrufelli on Jan 4, 2013

    I admired Orient watches some 30 years ago but was under the impression they were an attractive albeit cheaply made watch. Now I am 62 and want one – Maybe a black Mako divers or a chrono

8 comments | Tell us what you think!