3 Orient Automatic Watches for Ladies

February 8th, 2010 | 1 Comment

Orient Automatic watches are known for their sophisticated style and superior quality. With a 40-hour Power Reserve and 50m water resistance, Orient Automatics are a great choice for unpredictable lifestyles.

Orient Watch USA’s broad line of automatic watches includes several stylish options for women.

This article will compare and contrast 3 of these options:

  • Orient Automatic CESAA001W
  • Orient Automatic CDB01003T
  • Orient Automatic CETAE001B

Read on for help choosing the best Orient automatic for your needs and wardrobe.

Orient Automatic CESAA001W

The CESAA001W’s 22 millimeter band width is the widest of the three, and comes in four color combos for a bold statement. Choose from orange, purple, or navy for the genuine leather band. If you decide to go with navy, Orient offers either a black or white watch dial.

Additionally, it features a day-and-date calendar, making the Orient Automatic CESAA001W great for fun wardrobes on the go. With eye pleasing simplicity, it features a basic and noticeable color contrast that maximizes readability.

Choose this watch if want a bold daytime watch. At only $155, you can afford to add this high quality watch to your collection.

Orient Automatic CDB01003T

The Orient Automatic CDB01003T is elegant and sophisticated in 4 styles. Eye-catching and vibrant, the CDB01003T makes a great transition from workplace to nightlife.

This watch features a 42-hour power reserve, meaning you can go almost 2 days without wearing or winding the watch. The watch also features stylish curved numbers, convex crystal class and a see-through caseback.

Choose this watch if you are a professional who wants an affordable ($250) automatic watch with great features and undeniable style.

Orient Automatic CETAE001B

Orient’s CETAE001B is the perfect everyday watch, whether you choose a white, pink, or bright red leather band. Elegant yet casual, simple yet modern, the CETAE001B is perfect for anyone.

Check out this video showcasing the beautiful watch:

Choose this watch if you need a simple, everyday timepiece with the highest quality construction.

Choosing a great timepiece can be difficult, but Orient Automatic Watches bridge the gap between style and high quality.

by Cassie Wallace

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  2. By richard f joyce on Feb 8, 2010

    i turned my friend onto your great line of watches,because he always dresses up,(lawyer) he got the racing one cezae001s. it is bad ass!!!! i am saving for one myself,ya now i dont make 6 digits like he does. but they are astounding! great watch he has…thanks dudes ,rich

1 comment | Tell us what you think!